Christoph Bledowski
PD Dr.

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Christoph Bledowski

Priv.-Doz., Dr. phil. nat., Dipl.-Psych.,  Assistant professor 

Institute of Medical Psychology
Heinrich-Hoffmann-Str. 10
Building 93A, Room A40
60528 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 069-6301 4533
Fax: 069-6301 7606

Curriculum Vitae


Since 2004 Assistant Professor, Institute of Medical Psychology, Goethe University Frankfurt, Head: Jochen Kaiser
2008  Visiting Scientist, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK, Programme leader: James Rowe

2001-2004 PhD Student  Tandem project of Max-Planck-Institute of Brain Research in Frankfurt and Department of Psychiatry, Goethe University Frankfurt, Head: David Linden


2012 Priv.-Doz. (habilitation), Psychology, University Frankfurt
2006 Dr. phil. nat. (PhD), Psychology, University Frankfurt

2001 Diplom, Psychology, University Bonn

1998 Vordiplom, Psychology, University Freiburg

Research Interests

I investigate human working memory using behavioral measures and neuroimaging methods such as fMRI, MEG and EEG. The focus of my work is on basic operations in working memory, their relation to attention and long-term memory and their neuronal basis.


Limitations of working memory
Neuronal basis of visual and auditory working memory
Attentional and mnemonic processes in working memory
Chemotherapy-related cognitive impairments


2021-2024 Three-year grant of the German Research Society (DFG) for the project "Neuronal basis of feature bindings in visual working memory"

2016-2019 Three-year grant of the German Research Society (DFG) for the project "Decoding spectral and spatial information in auditory working memory"

2014-2014 One-year grant for the project "Neuronal basis of item precision in working memory" within the framework of the LOEWE "Neuronal Coordination Research Focus Frankfurt (NeFF)".

2013-2013 Financial support for the project “Contextual control of mental representations in working memory” within the framework of the LOEWE "Neuronal Coordination Research Focus Frankfurt (NeFF)".

2012-2013 MainCampus educator grant of the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main

2011-2014 Three-year grant of the German Research Society (DFG) for the project "Neuronal correlates of focus updating in working memory"

2008-2008 Post-doctoral research fellowship of the German Research Society (DFG) for a six-month research stay at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK

2007-2009 Intramural Young Investigator grant, Frankfurt Medical Faculty


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Journal Articles

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Book chapters

Wibral M., Bledowski C., Turi G.(2010): Integration of separately recorded EEG/MEG; in Ullsperger M., Debener S "Simultaneous EEG and fMRI: Recording, Analysis, and Application". Oxford University Press..